Saturday 14 March 2015

The Postcommunion Prayers of the Missale Romanum (1970/2002): Volume 2

I am happy to announce that Volume 2 of The Postcommunion Prayers of the Missale Romanum (1970/2002): Translations and Sources is complete!

Please click here to view and download it!

Volume 2 covers the Proper of Saints and the Commons (i.e. Dedication of a Church, B.V.M., Pastors, etc.). For more information on this project, please see the previous blog post on Volume 1.

I'm going to take a couple of weeks off from this particular project - it's surprising how much energy and concentration this sort of thing can take, and my university days of Coke-fueled, all-night essay writing are long behind me! - so work on Volume 3 will begin in earnest after Easter. Volume 3 will cover the remaining sections of the Missal: ritual Masses, Masses ad diversa, votive Masses and Masses for the Dead.

I hope that Volume 2 is as well received as the first, and that this continues to be an interesting and useful resource for those who want to begin/continue their own examinations of the orations of the post-conciliar Missal. It is clear that, at least in the Proper of Saints and the Commons, there are some common threads to the edits made to the source material (e.g. the elimination of intercedente pro nobis and similar phrases), and I hope in the future to provide a easy-to-read commentary on some of what appear to have been the Consilium's editing "policies" with regard to the postcommunion prayers as a whole. I have to finish Volume 3 first, though, so that's a little while off yet!

As always, you can comment on this post, or contact me by e-mail, if you have any comments, corrections, questions or suggestions regarding this project, or any of the Lectionary-based ones.

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