Friday 30 January 2015

Two more article scans (this time related to the Missal)

A couple more interesting articles, both from 1971, this time relating to the post-conciliar reform of the Missal rather than the Lectionary:

Please click on the article titles above to download them!

Note: If you're interested in doing your own comparison of the 1970 Missal texts with the source texts, there are a few invaluable places on the web to help you out:
  1. The Italian-language website, specifically the section in the left-hand sidebar entitled "Fontes liturgici".
  2. PDF copies of the Gelesian and Veronense Sacramentaries can be downloaded from Scribd thanks to a user called officiumdivinum (you may have to register with Scribd to do this).
  3. has a few more Sacramentaries available for free download - search for "sacramentary" or "sacramentarium". (There are plenty of other fantastic Catholic books on if you're willing to search for them!)

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