Saturday 21 February 2015

Lectionary Reform at Vatican II - the Council Fathers' Interventions

Over the last few weeks, I have gone through the Acta Synodalia to see exactly what the Council Fathers had to say about the section of Sacrosanctum Concililum that talks about lectionary reform:
The treasures of the bible are to be opened up more lavishly, so that richer fare may be provided for the faithful at the table of God's word. In this way a more representative portion of the holy scriptures will be read to the people in the course of a prescribed number of years. (SC 51)
I have compiled their spoken and written interventions regarding SC 51, as well as paragraphs 24 and 35, in one PDF document.

Click here to download it!

The interventions are, unsurprisingly, all in Latin. I plan on providing a parallel English translation later this year, but that will take a bit of time to put together. In the meantime, for those of you whose Latin is good enough (or who are willing to muddle through) you can read for yourself the interesting (and not-so-interesting!) things the Fathers of Vatican II had to say about the lectionary!

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  1. Many thanks for all the good work you've done and are doing here-- very interesting and helpful!


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