Monday 8 September 2014

Comparison table of EF and OF readings for the liturgical year 2014-15

I have compiled a table that compares the readings in the EF and OF for the upcoming liturgical year (2014-15). Please click here to download it!

The comparative table of the EF and OF readings in the previous post is limited in a number of ways. The three year Sunday cycle of the OF lectionary, the differences in the OF and EF calendars, and the fact that Easter is movable, all make it difficult to compare the two sets of readings. However, by chronologically going through a whole liturgical year, we can start to get a feel for how the two lectionaries compare when put side-by-side.

Again, this table has its limitations, notably that it only works for one year. The sheer number of options in the OF lectionary does not help with compiling a table, either! But I hope that some of you find it useful nonetheless.

Oh, and for those who are interested, the French experimental lectionary table is almost done. My wife and I are going away this week for our wedding anniversary, so I hope to be able to upload that table in a couple of weeks.

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